Building a joint entrepreneurial forum

Continuing with the goodness of nature and science through terahertz technology as the main basis, integrating with the health industry includes research. emphasizes the importance of research, development, production, sales, marketing, education and services.

In just 2 years, our Malaysia-based business has spread to more from 38 countries around the world with a network that includes Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Australia, the USA, Canada, and many more With philosophy of spreading compassion and improving the lives we strive to be pioneer in innovation in the health industry.

We already have two companies based on direct sales, namely THZ (M) Sdn. Bhd in Malaysia and our subsidiary, PT TERAHERTZ TIRTA SEMPURNA, in Indonesia. With network business as our main foundation, our goal is to become a platform. The best e-commerce that allows anyone to start their own business and change better life.

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Based on terahertz technology, it creates a new way of thinking towards a healthy and fit life.

Share and spread goodness through healthy water throughout the world.


Encourage individual success, and empower the people around them.

Key Values

Integrity towards others, based on a sense of humanity and sincerity towards others.


Charity with water makes life healthy.